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72 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. tim bowman

    at 6 months old Patricia was radiated with ionizing radiation at the university of Rochester ny.
    at 6 years old Patricia was sexually abused by a foster child brought into the home,
    at 17 years Patricia was choke while asleep by her ex military husband having night terror from Vietnam side effects.
    in 2004,2005,2006 university sent contact letters wanting patricia for follow up study’s for which she declined.
    aslo in 2006 Patricia notified her c.i.a. family of the rapes when she was a child. they yelled at her and told her to leave.patricia broke off contact at this point and was devastated by there reaction.
    Patricia’s brother is a economic/political deputy chief of mission in the state dept.(economic hit man).c.i.a.
    in 2008 with out reason Patricia’s younger brother called her and stated the “family decide they wanted to move out of our home” of 7 years.
    we love each other very much and didn’t know what to make of this out of the blue call.
    at no time did the family address their concerns. however i did recently give Patricia;
    land(129 acres) and a vechicle
    pats accountant/health and public safety director brother knew of this.
    on july 28 2008 pat found out she had hypo thyroid illness.
    pat notified her c.i.a. brother aug 2, 2008 of this medical condition. they laughed at her.
    that eveing her 3 brothers filed a complaint making her sound crazy.
    on aug 3 2008 they came to her job to take her to lunch. instead they held her and fed her and she became disorientated and was forcibly taken to the university of Rochester.her self appointed doctor was a ex ?army intelligence electroshock psychiatrist.he drugged her and declared her incompetent.
    at no time did they want to know about her thyroid condition.and refused medical records
    in a sham court proceeding they appointed Catholic family services as guardian against her express wishes and continued to maintain her desire to return home and continue her medical treatment for her thyroid.
    at no time did the court order patrica to be lock away.the guardian placed her in a Catholic nursing home tied to the university of Rochester.
    at that time we were told it was temp and she would becoming home.its been 6 years now.i have not been allowed to see her since dec 13 2008.
    after 1 year patricia cannot talk anymore, but trys too.
    ive been informed that Patricia cant walk and they medicate with sedatives. no one’s allowed to visit except the family that has done this to her and they dont.
    Ive been falsely arrested and spent $50.000 trying to go back to court. Patrica not allowed her attorney of choice.
    they are killing the most loving kindest woman ive ever known.
    this is genocide and a crime against humanity. there more but i hope you get the picture.
    patricia has been left untreated for 6 years for her thyroid condition. and forcing risperdal on her before the (stroke)inability to talk.
    i am sick about this. cia family members/doctors and university/nursing home.

  2. Patrick

    I have a lady friend, 55 years old, who continues to suffer from the effects of SRA as a child. She now drinks excessively and at the same time taking depression and anti anxiety meds… She is terrified of family members and does not trust anyone! She went through counselling, was admitted to a mental institution in her 30′s but still has anxiety attacks triggered from something as simple as watching a movie. She doesnt sleep at night because she doesnt feel safe. I am looking for someone who can steer me in a direction to get her the help she desperately needs. Thank You

    1. Judy Byington

      Patrick…I can feel your frustration of trying to help your friend. It is unfortunate that she is still suffering. There are licensed counselors registered with the ISSTD website. Sharon Reese is a SRA survivor who wrote an excellent book on self healing techniques “Healing Broken Wings.” You can find her and links to her website on http://www.childabuserecovery.com in the Speakers Bureau. She can check into the Ivory Garden website and join hundreds of other survivors who support each other daily on the site: http://www.igdid.com

  3. mother of a girl

    I adopted a six year old survivor or satanic ritual abuse. She was rescued when she was three, but spent three years in the system. Now she is twenty, and still struggles with all her different “sides.” Therapy was counterproductive when she was young, although we kept it up for years. I hope and pray that some day she is brave enough to tell her story. I am proud of you for speaking up. You are courageous and strong. Love and blessings, from a Mom Who Understands.

    1. 22faces Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Mom Who Understands. Have patience with the memories. They are known not to come out until 20-30-40 years after the event and it is important that the therapist be trained in Dissociate Identity Disorder – look at the ISSTD website on ChildAbuseRecovery.com. There are also some excellent survivor support organizations shown at the bottom of Child Abuse Recovery. She might want to check them out – like Ivory Garden.

  4. Rick

    Thank you jenny. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I am dx with ptsd D.I.D. and Major depression. dealt with this for many years. I wish I could have told my story to someone who would actually listen.

  5. joe

    in the 60′s and 70′s…the navy had j. mengele working at china lake nas….he was called dr greene…..i was part of the program…used children of navy employees…my programmer was a hans bruner, x nazi from germany working with mengele…they called this guy dr brown….his code name.. some of us were used in a super soldier or marine program…some had psi abilities and more…used us in vietnam…as marine and other programs…those who were not psychopathic were turned into sex slaves….i did that for a long time…illuminati ran the entire thing……san diego , a navy town is hdq of illuminati on west coast…pittsburg is hdq on east coast….i survived only cause bruner died of cancer… all my memories are moved to sub conscious mind…memories are stored in sub conscious …conscious mind will never be given evil or sick memories..it is a filter system…..a person who has been a victim can go through hypnosis or psychic work to dig out the truth..if one wants to have it….good luck

    1. 22faces Post author

      Joe…Thank you for your comments. The more information we can collect from survivors like you, the more we can expose and help children presently being abused.

      I invite you to comment on and sign our petition asking for a Congressional investigation of the CIA mind-control of children. Members of Congress are being contacted and will read comments you make on this petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/us-congress-survivors-request-investigation-cia-mind-control-of-children

      I hope we can keep in contact. In addition to approaching members of Congress, we have a large coalition of survivors who are gathering information for an international Common Law Court. Please let me know if you are interested in helping us.


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