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  1. Andrew Peacher

    5TH MAY 2016 LANARK GLASGOW. Share if you can please.

    “The Child Protection Task Force” Takes On its 1st Scottish Conference in co-operation with the “TSTU”

    We are looking for speakers and guests tickets are free of charge. Email Andy should you wish to speak.
    Free Tickets are available via an online Registration process, donations are welcome
    Inviting whistleblowers, survivors, witnesses, victims of crimes by the State, including employees, ex-employees, corporate policy makers, heads of Local & Central Government to discuss corporate co-operations with the remedies sought by parents, to be reunited with much loved children in forced adoption cases.

    Priority given to Survivors of Satanic or Sexual Abuse, parents of Fostered or adoptive Children, whistleblowers, McKenzie Friends, victims of false prosecutions (Joanne Peacher Melanie Shaw, Peter Hoffshroer…)
    The event is to highlight survivors of all types and to get a solution for their issues and to get the agencies to work with these people we all need to work with each other in genuine child and adult protection.
    Often survivours and victims are ignored today we change that in glasgow.
    We ask the scottish child sexual abuse enquiry to

    1 get the police to re investigate their claims by a independent police force.
    2 compensate all survivors of child sexual abuse.
    3 Do not impose any gagging order just to tell the truth.
    4 waiver in full the time limit bar stopping survivors getting justice and compensation.

    Speakers Can Speak Via Skype or landline.
    Download skype add freedomtalkradio1
    We will be broadcasting live on the internet for this conference.

    Happy 2016 for everyone.


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